Municipal Sweepers

Most Municipalities, Street Superintendents, and Home Owners Associations recognize the value of street sweeping. Clean streets are safe streets, and they enhance property values and promote community pride. Street sweeping extends asphalt life, reduces clogged storm drains and sewers, and combats fugitive dust. Street sweeping has both an economic and environmental impact on our communities and neighborhoods, but can city planners and home owner associations struggle with how to best provide street cleaning service while holding the line on rising maintenance costs.

Although some communities still operate street sweeping service operations, there has been a move toward privatizing as planners seek to reduce capital expenses and eliminate service interruptions due to equipment failures or labor negotiations.

At Superior Contractors, we share your desire to be good stewards of the Earth. Preventing storm water contamination and fugitive dust control not only demonstrates a commitment to the environment, but also keeps your community in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, and eliminates the costly fines.

Clean streets, county roads, and locally maintained stretches of freeway promote community pride while preserving and protecting the environment. If rising capital equipment and labor costs associated with your current street sweeping program are a concern, it may be time to consider an outsourced solution. From on-call hourly power sweeping to establishing service on a contract basis, Superior Contractors offers a dependable, value oriented sweeping solution.

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